Jan 16, 2015

This And That......Thankfulness

We find ourselves here on friday, is it the end of the week or the beginning of the weekend? No matter how you look at it, it's friday. Friday to me is the day I try to finish up all the unfinished routine household jobs that have been moved from one list to the next all week. I try to not carry anything over into the weekend. And the magic word here is "try"! Sometimes no matter how hard I "try" I still don't get all things completed. But this week seems to be a magical week. I am finished!

So as I move forward with this afternoon and on into saturday and sunday I can relax a bit and do some fun stuff! I will share some of those things later on so watch for them. Well not only am I thankful to get all my work list completed but: 

I am also thankful today for warmer weather(40's)

For being able to exercise and stretch my body.

For nourishing food for my hubs and myself.

That I have a stash of yarn to begin working with and making items for table fillers at some of my shows this coming year.

For the recovery of my neighbor who fell and broke her back right after Thanksgiving.

For my health.

And for the beautiful sunshine that is shining on us today.

Here is a couple of skirts and leg warmer sets I made for my granddaughter for christmas, each one has a matching hair clip to clip on a headband.

These were so fun to make. 


  1. You reminded me I need to write up a "thankful list." Those outfits are so cute. I love the polka dots.

    1. I love polka dots to, they are just so happy and fun.


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