Oct 25, 2010

Beer Butt Chicken

Last night for dinner I took a roasting hen and washed and dried. Rubbed it down with olive oil and added a rub I had made with garlic powder, onion powder, sage, black pepper, chili powder and Mrs. Dash. I lifted the skin where ever I could and placed this under the skin and then rubbed the outside of the bird. Now I sat him down on an opened can of beer. Sat bird and all in a sturdy dish and placed in a preheated 350* oven for about 20 minutes per pound of bird or till the thick part of thigh reached 165*. It took about 2 hours and 15 minutes. I sit it to the side and allowed the juices to settle before cutting.

It was wonderful. We had roasted veggies with it.

By the way, incase you are wondering what that is sticking out of the chickens neck. Well I did not want all the stem to escape so the bird would be moist so I peeled a potato and placed over the hole! Hey, you got to do what you got to do!!

It had just came from the oven and was still sitting n the can.

This is the most moist chicken I have ever fixed in my life.

What is your favorite way of fixing chicken?
Your comments are always welcome.

Oct 22, 2010

Meet Mr. Zeke

Well I would like to introduce you to Zeke. He is almost 5 years old and was the only fellow around here for a while (of the 4 legged variety). He is mom's self appointed body guard.  Where ever I am he is always between me and the nearest door. I guess that is so no bad guys will get to me.

He is always laying with his back to me and is always between me and the nearest exit. Which in this case is down the steps and off the deck.

Someone said in a comment earlier to have Zeke stop staring at her. No matter where you are or Zeke is it always looks as if he is looking directly at you. Kinda eeery I know but you kinda get used to it after awhile.

Zeke likes to run and play ball and he is faster than a speeding bullet. But he is not as precise as Maggie is, if the ball bounces or hits a tree or something. Maggie never misses a beat and sometimes Zeke gets moving so fast that he runs past it and has to circle around and come back to get it.

Zeke is a good boy. In fact he is laying at my feet right now. Between me and the door.

Leave me a comment and tell me about your faithful protector.

Oct 18, 2010

Know What My House Smells Like Tonight?

It smells just like this................

It was a little chilly in the house so I thought I would warm it up and create something wonderful for dessert at the same time. So I threw a blackberry cobbler in the oven and it made the house smell sooooooo good! So I guess they call that a triple. No wait, hubby thought it tasted so yummy that I got a hug and kiss as well. So one cobbler caused all of that? I call that a home run!!!

Simple pleasures

I am a list maker. Now like today I have a morning list and an afternoon list. Things on the list include laundry, dishes, baking, bathrooms and several phone calls. Afternoon is blow leaves and mow.

Well I just sat down to have a bit of lunch and mark off the "done" things on the list. Now, I did not get the phone calls done so I will do those after I eat and then I will move on to the afternoon list.

I know I am not as extreme as some with the list and I do not have a meltdown if I lose the list or don't get all of it done. I just add it to the next day!!!

This is something that I just realized brings me the most comforting sense of accomplishment. Marking off those things that I completed. Wow!! Makes me feel good and gives me something at the end of the day to look at and see what all I got finished.

At my age, I might forget before bedtime!!!

What gives you those simple little pleasures in life?

Oct 14, 2010

New Listing on Etsy

I just posted a new listing on etsy. 

                                     Click here to check it out

had a sale yesterday on Etsy and I am doing the happy dance. Thank you to all you wonderful folks who purchase on etsy where you help out real folks and not the sweatshops in China.

Oct 13, 2010

Vintage Purse

This is the latest listing on Etsy.

                                          click here to see on Etsy

Thanks for stopping by to read my blog and I love it when you leave me a comment.

New handmade

I have listed some new items in my ETSY shop this morning.

One is a cute vintage must see and the other is a handmade burlap pillow. These can be custom made to suit your needs. Any size and any purpose. I can make anything from a throw pillow to a floor pillow or even a pillow for a ringbearer.

Take a look around the shop while you are there. Shopping on ETSY is a great thing it lets you help out the little guys instead of the sweatshops in China.

Have a great day everyone!

What's a Swap?

Some of you may know already. But after reading this and viewing all the photos, the rest of you will be looking to find one to attend. This swapmeet was in Lucasville, Ohio. And I cannot think of a thing that they did not have. As long as you were willing to dig alittle.

A swap, is a vintage lovers paradise. A place where all things are for sale and no price is set in stone.  Wow!! What more could you ask for?

How about food? If you will notice the guy in the gray sweatshirt walking toward the camera. He is eating a giant corndog .......and it is all of maybe 8:10 am.

There was pizza and something called a Big "T", which was a pork tenderloin that had been pounded till it was about an 11 inch round and then breaded and deep fried. They made a sandwich out of this and you add your own toppings. Also have smoked turkey legs. Oh, and before I forget they also had grilled bbq bologna on a bun.

*******I have to add here that I ate none of this. I take my own food.********

Now this brings us to the animals. All kinds could be found. I saw more goats on leashes than I did dogs. And some of them didn't like....... it if you know what I mean! Here is just a few pics of some animals and there were many more.

The fellow on the right just purchased the geese and now he has to figure out how to carry them

This guy was trying to walk his burro. But the burro had other ideas so the guy decided to rest a while and see if progress might go faster after a bit. Hehehe!

This gentleman proudly posed for a picture with his prize rooster. he even asked if I wanted him to smile.

It was pretty warm that day ....in the upper 80's. And this guy got hot and tired and just decided that was as far as he was going.  If you'll notice he actually picked a spot that was shadded by a big maple tree.

The swaps are always fun and you never know what you will find, or better yet what you will see!!

Well now I hope you enjoyed your trip to the swapmeet. I wish you could have been with me. I had a blast.

Oct 7, 2010

Busy Weekend Ahead

I am packing and getting ready for a huge swapmeet this weekend. Now for those of you who do not know what that is, I am sorry for you!! But lots of photos will follow next week so you can have alittle taste of the swap.

If you happen to live near by or are traveling near Lucasville, Ohio this weekend please stop by the fairgrounds and see us. We will be selling, but also shopping when we get a chance.

I hope ya'll have a great weekend and I will see you on monday.

Oct 4, 2010

Meet Miz Maggie

If you will look to the right you will see a photo of her. I would like to introduce her to you. Maggie is almost 7 now and she is a Australian Cattle Dog (Blue Heeler). Until she was about 6 months old she was a slick haired dog like heelers are suppose to be and at 6 months she started getting fluffy and soft. After I did some research I found that only one in every 200 are "softies". She is very unique and I am not just talking about the fur. Although she does feel like a cat she is so soft.

She is the smartest dog I have ever seen. She can sense when something is wrong and will come to cuddle with me. She talks to us as if she were human and the strange part is we know what she is saying.

Animals are a big part of my life and as you can see in the pic's she does not live here alone. We will meet the others later on. I would love to here about your closest furry pals so leave me a comment.

Oct 1, 2010

Busy Day of Listing

Today was a day spent listing on etsy. I listed 3 different things and if i might say so, something for everyone. From the seamstress to the scrapper to those who do altered art and even for those who are just collectors.

I wanted to show you one of the items and see if you know what it was used for. Now be careful you just might tell your age if you admit to knowing. If you can't figure it out just click on the link and read the discription. 

But play fair and leave a  comment and let me know if you had to look or not!!!
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