Jan 12, 2015

Monday's Musings and Menus

Cold icy rain has dumped itself on us all night long. So walking to the mailbox this morning for the newspaper was a real trip indeed! Can you say Weeee! Yes, I am one of those strange people who still get a newspaper delivered. I enjoy it every morning with my morning coffee.

 And after reading it this morning I started to ponder this thing called a new year, 365 days(354 left), 52 weeks, 12 months of blankness. It is before us, in front of us, an empty canvas waiting for each of us to pick up  the paintbrush or pencil if you will and begin to fill the void. So I have decided that as the year is unfolding I will not be waiting to see just what comes next or about to happen each second of the day. But I intend to be present in this year. Painting my own canvas and filling the space with as much good as I can muster. Yes siree, I intend to be all that God has made me. And if I were a betting woman I would bet 2 things. First I would bet that I will learn a lot about myself. And second, that I will learn a lot about God. And not necessarily in that order. So now you know what I was doing over that second cup of coffee this morning. 

So what do you think about making some waves this year instead of just riding the waves that everyone else makes?

And now I need to get on with the dinner menus for the week:

Sunday.......Chili made from venison, home canned tomatoes, homegrown onions and my canned pintos.

Monday.......Salmon patties and Macaroni and tomatoes(home canned)

Tuesday........large chopped salad w/ lettuce, baby spinach, tomato, onion, cucumber, radish, celery, carrot, baby bell pepper, mushroom, sunflower seeds, feta cheese and dressed with balsamic vinegar

Wednesday.............salsa chicken w/ brown rice and roasted yellow squash.

Thursday........chopped salad with leftover salsa chicken.

Friday.........homemade pizza, salad

Saturday.......greek barley salad and roasted veggies  

I have also been finishing up some UFO's(un-finished objects) and I thought you might want to see a few. These are hats for preemies in the NICU at the area hospital near me. 

I make them and when I have several, I wash them in baby detergent and then package each one separately in ziploc sandwich bags. Once they are given to the babies it stays with that baby and is washed with his/her clothes and used again and again. When they get to go home the hats go with them.  

So what have you finished up lately?  

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  1. uh, I'm still working away on them. Hope to share it some day soon...


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