Jan 13, 2015

Not So Tasty Tuesday.......But A Recipe!

Well its tuesday and I know you are expecting a recipe for something yummy. 

You will only be half way disappointed. I do have a recipe to share and if you give it some thought it will be very useful. But definitely not very tasty!!

This is the time of year that we are seeing all kinds of articles in the newspaper and hearing all over the news about the different strands of flu and all the colds and sinus problems going on. We have had schools closed in our area for disinfecting. So many children sick and missing school that they just closed it down and sent the healthy ones home, so hopefully they would stay that way!

Well I thought it would be a perfect time for me to share a recipe with you that I have used for well over 30 years. ( WOW, I'm old!) I used it back when my boys were in school and they were never sick. So it worked well for us and the way I look at it is it can't hurt.

Its called the "Super germ Killer".

Mix 1/2 cup of bleach into 2 quarts of hot tap water. After the 2 are combined slowly add 1/2 cup white vinegar and mix well.

Use this solution throughout the day to wipe down door knobs and phones as well as light switches and facet handles. This solution must be used within 24 hours or it neutralizes itself and is non effective.

I mix it first thing in the morning and then use it throughout the day. Instead of just dumping it in the evening I will use it to clean a bathroom or for soaking a rug or old cleaning rags that are extremely dirty. 

Reminder**** if you have a septic system I would not advise dumping this into it. You would be killing off all the good bacteria within it*****

******I found this recipe many moons ago on a brochure from the Center for Disease Control.*****

Tips........I do not place my rag/sponge back in the solution until I have rinsed it and rung it out. This keeps my solution clean and usable all day long. It will still work and do its job even after the water has cooled off.

So what precautions are you taking to keep your family healthy this winter?


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  1. Thieves oil. We are dilluting it to a spray and the kids spray their hands every day. I can spray it on door knobs too etc. I love it. That along with an immunity booster, we are staying healthy. I do have a septic, so I'm not sure where I'd poor it - especially with chickens running around some days. Hm.. I'll have to think on this.


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