Jan 26, 2015

Monday and Menus

Well this is what things looked like at 8am.

And this was less than an hour later.

So what can I say other than windy, cold and wet. As you all know I am not one to run to the grocery for the Big 3 (milk, eggs and bread) I just use what we have and stay in and stay warm. I never really knew what folks eat anyway with milk, eggs and bread in the cupboard. I guess its eggs sandwiches and french toast!! But around here that wouldn't float. Hubs wants much more than that to call it a meal.

I have done a bit of cooking ahead just in case the power went out so we could warm food on the grill if need be. I fixed a pot of Venison Barley Soup and made some Mini Meatloafs. So if the power holds out we will eat as follows this week. If not we will adjust as need be.

Monday........Venison Barley Soup, homemade garlic cheese sticks

Tuesday......Mini Meatloafs, fried cabbage and roasted turnips and carrots

Wednesday.........chopped salad and leftover soup from monday

Thursday.......grilled chicken breast and a chopped salad, feta cheese and balsamic vinaigrette

Friday........Turkey Kielbasa on a homemade crust with Mozzarella and fresh basil and a chopped salad

Saturday.........Oatmeal Pancakes and turkey bacon with blueberries and SF maple syrup

Sunday.........Super Bowl Fare---oven fried hot wings, deviled eggs, relish tray and pecan tassies.

So I am glad to see everyone stopping in and I want you to know I rea and love every comment so take a few and leave me one.


  1. I'll admit, I am terrible at making salads in winter. We love them all summer, but come winter, I get off track. I do use many greens though. Can you share your Buffalo Chicken bite recipe? I bet Hubby would enjoy it.

  2. Check out Tasty Tuesday this week. I use the recipe and what ever kind of chicken I want. Hubs decided he wanted wings. But it is all good no matter what piece of chicken you use. I am trying to keep up with the salads through the winter months.


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