Jan 9, 2015

Baby Its Cold Outside!

Oh My Goodness! It sure is a cold one today. At the present time it is 13 degrees outside and we are having 30 mile an hour wind gusts. They had an early release for our county schools and have already called for a 2 hour delay for the morning school bell. And the worst part for me is not even the cold but the lack of sunshine. As in not a single ray!

I have been doing a bit of cleaning today. So far I have 2 bags to take to Goodwill. And a smaller bag for the trash. Why does it make us feel so good to clean out? I sure do love it. I want to continue this phase of things till I have done every room and the garage. 

Tonights dinner is a taco pizza on a corn bread crust. I have the filling prepped and am ready to proceed when the time comes.

It was down to zero last night and now it is warming up a bit. 

Everyone stay warm out there!

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  1. We are about to go through another -25 windchill evening. brrr. My chickens and goats are tired of waiting on me to refill frozen watering units. I try to get out there often, but suiting up takes a lot time too, ha ha!


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