Jan 30, 2015

Girl Talk Friday

Sun is shining! I love sunshine. It automatically lifts my mood. And with all this cold and snow I can sure use some mood lifting. 

Speaking of the weather, now it is winter so I am not complaining or even in dismay over what's going on outside. But it is something that brings us in and makes us stay there. Except for the short amount of time it takes to clear a driveway or sidewalk of the white stuff. Or maybe the even shorter time to fill a bird feeder. So we tend to find things to occupy our time. I thought we could talk about some things that we do to keep us busy during the cold, gray, winter months.

Now some have more time than others, I do realize that. Some work, some stay at home, some have kids, some do not have kids. But we all have some time on our hands and here are a few things I do to fill that time.

A........Of course we all have the general house work and cleaning and cooking. But I also like to sit with my hand sewing a.k.a. mending. It is something that needs to be done and now is a good as time as any. So I sit with a hot cup of coffee and before I know it my basket is empty.

B......Sitting with a good book is also a way I pass the time. It is relaxing, helps lower my blood pressure and engages my mind.

C........the Hubs and I love to play card games and such. Right now we are really into Farkle. It is quick to play, easy to learn, great for all ages and you can play it anywhere.

D.......I like crafting, sketching, painting, doodling. As well as knitting and crocheting or anything crafty. Just being creative in general. And Hubs like to tie fishing flies or work in his shop on one project or another.

E..........Cooking and baking. This keeps me busy and makes Hubs happy, while warming the house and making it smell great!

Now this is just a few of the things I do with my time inside during the cold winter. So what about you? Tell us all about what you and the family are doing to keep from going stir crazy.  


  1. Hi Kim,

    We have had some cold weather here in Fla. as well. I have been keeping busy with my etsy stores. I love the old frying pan that you are using for your baking. If I didn't have any other pans those would be the ones I wold keep. Hope you and your family are well.


  2. Sandy....Thank you so much for stopping in and it is so good to see you. I need to be spending more time with my Etsy store. (hanging head) I love my cast iron. As you can see I bake in them and fry, saute, I even make omelets in mine.


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