Jan 24, 2015

Sunshine On A Cloudy Day

I had not intended to post today. Its a saturday and this is what I woke up to.

Cold and wet with gray skies. Not much moving outside even though there is not much snow on the ground. Hubs left out early this morning so I am home alone. You would think I would be cranking at something exciting since I have me time, but I just seem to be bouncing from one odd job to another today.

At least I was......... until the phone rang! And who did I hear on the other end but my BFF from high school or I guess to be more accurate I should say junior high. Boy that really dates me now doesn't it!!! I was so excited, I had not heard her voice in over 30 years. We had emailed and chatted a bit before, but to hear her voice was amazing! It truly brought "Sunshine on a Cloudy Day".

So what can I say except I am stepping a bit higher this afternoon and moving a little faster. 

I had to stop for a few minutes after we hung up to just praise the Lord for this phone call. It just made my heart spill over with gratitude and love.

So folks I have to say if you have someone you have not been in contact with( doesn't have to be for 30 years) pick up the phone and make that call, you have no idea what a lift and a blessing it will be for the one on the other end!! What a gift!

Go ahead make that call and get this new year started off right.

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