Jul 28, 2016

A small "w"

I was spending some time with a friend and(weaving teacher) the other day and we were talking about folks knowing about weaving and then folks really being weavers. During this conversation she said something that has really stuck with me. She said those who are true weavers, those who have mastered the skills needed to produce beautiful cloth from start to finish, those are Weavers with a big "W". But folks who are just learning, who are still being instructed, (like me), we are weavers with a small "w". 

Now I don't mind at all having a small "w" because it says to me that I still have plenty to learn. It says my brain has more to absorb. That I need to spend more time with like minded folks to glean what I can from them. Also that there is plenty more reading for me to do on the subject. So it is not a problem for me to have a small "w".

But there are those out there like my friend Jane and a new acquaintance, Julia that are definitely Weavers with a big "W" and I am glad to know them both. And I hope there will be many more brain picking sessions in the future. Who knows maybe some day someone might be picking my brain. So I got a lot to learn so I can pay it up someday! 

Well I was out and about at sundown the other evening and came upon a weaver with a big "W" and I just had to share it with you. Can you just imagine how hard she worked on this? She definitely has a big "W"!  

But this guy will have to admit he still has a small "w"! But hang in there little guy and keep on learning, I know you can do it.

That's the way it is with all of us. We start out learning and taking small steps but if we never give up and we keep on moving forward toward the prize we can achieve the big "W". 

I hope you enjoyed stopping in today. Leave me a comment below and let me know what big letter you've got or maybe are working toward.

Jul 22, 2016

It's Hot

I am sure it hot where you are too, unless you are reading this from somewhere in the Arctic. And if you are, then place post a comment it would surely make my day!

But getting back to the heat(which we can't do anything about at all) So we just have to deal with it. Now I am sure how we deal with it has a lot to do with our lifestyle and what we have going on in our lives. And I am sure that my situation is a bit different than some of you, but I thought I would share a few ways that I am coping with the heat or at least trying to.

Probably the first thing I need to say is the heat just drains me. Takes all my energy away as fast as you can say "heatwave". So anything chores that need doing outside in the garden or yard get done very early 5am till about 9am or from around 7pm till dark thirty or till I really can't see my hand in front of my face anymore!

Also we are eating a lot of cold meals. Thus not heating up the kitchen. Or we use the grill for meats and veggies as well. The other day I wanted to cook a pot of green beans and I put the hot plate on the patio and cooked them outside. I also have used the crock pot outside in the summer.

I hang out all my clothes so the heat from the dryer does not add heat to my house. 

When I am outside working I always have a small wet towel with me, usually draped around my neck. This adds moisture to my skin and as it evaporates it cools me down.

As chores are done inside or even sit down things that need to be done I have a small fan in each room which is turned on. Now we do run the AC but when it is 99* outside it is hard for your heat pump to maintain a 70* temp inside your home. So by running a fan or even a ceiling fan the inside air is circulated and dehumidified helping it to feel cooler.

And drinking a bit of extra water for sure.

Now I am sure some of you have other things that you do to help withstand the heat. So click down below and post a comment and share with the rest of us. After all I think it is hot everywhere right now!

I think I need another glass of ice cold water!

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