Apr 11, 2016

Monday and Menus

The weekend all kinds of crazies!

Saturday I woke up to snow and 30 degrees!

Sunday morning it was 22 degrees but the snow was no longer on the ground.

Now it's Monday and it windy and 60 degrees! 

I told you it was crazy!

I have released more rugs in my etsy shop, you can see them HERE!

So I thought I would share some menus for this week's dinners.

Sunday........spaghetti and meatballs(from the freezer) and a chopped salad

Monday.......chopped salad with homemade personal pizza

Tuesday........baked pork chops, baked potatoes, baked beans and spicy kraut

Wednesday......frittata and homemade biscuits

Thursday......clean out the fridge and eat all the leftovers(or if not any, eat a PBJ and a glass of milk!)

Friday......I am leaving for a show this weekend so I will put a chicken in the crockpot with carrots and potatoes and have coleslaw in the fridge as well as a bowl of macaroni salad.

Saturday......they will eat leftovers!

Apr 9, 2016

Finished Product

I have been spending time with my new creative love. It is a Union 36 loom. If you have followed me here for awhile you know when I got it and have heard some of the stories about times I have shared with it.

I have spent many hours sitting and sharing my creative juices with her as she leant me her talents. And together, just as she helped those before me to create beauty and functionality, we have completed the first of (I hope) many useful rugs.

You can see it here.

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