Jan 23, 2015

Girl Talk

It seems when ever you get 2 or more women.....girls......females together there is never a problem with conversation. The topics, they are vast. Everything from cooking, shopping, crafting, husbands, kids, well you get the picture!

 So I thought I would set aside Fridays for "girl talk" and see what we can come up with. A time where I share with you and you in turn, share with me.
Well this week I thought I would start with weight loss. If there is one of you that is not interested in discussing this will you please step up and tell us all about it. Wave your hands high so we can all see you. And even share how you came to this point. 

First off I have to say I am a mother of 2 and a grandmother of 4. So not a young chicky! Weight loss to me is about getting healthy, keeping my joints healthy, my heart healthy and having the ability to carry my body in a safe fashion. Meaning good balance and posture.

So last year I lost some weight, 22 lbs. to be exact. But the holidays hit and it all came to a stand still. I was still trying and eating relatively well but nothing was happening. You know what I was forgetting to add to each day? Movement! Thats right, we have to move! Dah! Where was my brain, what was I thinking. So I started moving again and the scales are moving backward already.

Now this is not just about the scale here. I am also sleeping better now that I am moving. And I am also more in control of my eating. So all in all it a good thing!

Now what about you guys? What is working for you? Whats not working for you? Maybe you are at your ideal weight and you want to share how you maintain it. 

I ran into a lady the other day at the "Y" and we were chatting while we sat in the sauna, she was sharing with me that she swims 3 miles 3x's a week. She said she has found this to be her magic weapon against weight gain! She was in her 50's and had reached here happy weight about 7 years ago. And by doing this swimming routine she is able to stay put and stay strong.

I don't know about you but I love hearing a good success story. Now we all have successes to share, even those small ones along the journey. 

So let here 'em!

And by the way if you are interested you can follow my weight loss journey on the ticker at the bottom of the page.


  1. I'm down 26 pounds and have more to go. Our issues are interruptions with school activities, running kids here and there, emergencies, weather (to get to the gym because when school is closed they are closed), and whatnot. Our gym does not have a pool, but there is a YMCA not far (only it is expensive). During summer we like to take long bike rides. I figure if it is staying off and I'm not gaining, then I must be doing something right, even if the rest isn't coming off so fast. Congrats on getting in shape. It does make you feel much better (and sleep better).

  2. Great job on the lost pounds. And like you say it is so much more than the pounds. We can even be more conscious of our eating and small things add movement to our day like taking the stairs or parking on the outer edge of the lot and walking. Or even bending over to pick up the dropped pencil can be turned into a squat. Good luck and thanks for stopping in.


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