Jul 13, 2013

Summer shoes

As most of you know I am not and never will be accused being a fashionista!

I think it is wonderful to see ladies out and about with the outfit and the shoes and the jewelry all matching to a tee. And I do on occasion get dressed that way. Those are the times we are going out to dinner or a movie.

But for everyday chores and running errands. You will find me dressed for comfort. Both  my clothes and my shoes. And I might add that as long as it is above 55 degrees you  will probably find me with my toes out. Thats right! No closed toed shoes for me.
These  are what I wear on a daily basis. They are comfortable and I love them.

They are Butelas which are made by Burkenstock. They are form fitting to my feet and I  could and do walk miles a day in them.

Around the house you will find me wearing shorts and a t-shirt or tank top. For errands  or shopping it  would be capris and a top or a skirt and a top. All of which work nicely with my shoes.

But look what I discovered has happened!

Now I am not a sun worshiper and I do not sit in the sun. But from just going about my  daily routine and being out and about. This is what happened!!!

It is a good thing my "dress-up" shoes are made like they are. More on those later on.

So tell me about what your favorite summer shoes are like.

Disclaimer...........I was not paid to discuss Butela shoes. I like  them,  I wear them and I  blogged  about them! This was my opinion only.
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