Jul 31, 2011

Lets Go Walking Again.

Lets finish our stroll thru the yard! So much to see and I wish you could hear then sounds of the birds and crickets as well. Oh and the smells are divine!

Corn and beans

This is the butterfly bush

Hummingbird Vine

grape tomatoes getting ripe

Can't wait till these bad boys get ripe
Won't these be good between 2 slices of bread with some Miracle Whip!!

Here are a few pictures of the other side of the yard

 so you can compare and see how much it has grown

 since you last walked with me.

Do you see what I see hiding in that vine?

I just love this time of the year!!!

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Jul 19, 2011

A Walk Around My Yard

I thought you might like to take a walk around my yard.

Lots of things growing this time of the year.

This is a lovely area that I sit in the swing and watch as the birds work around it each morning.

I can't wait till the zucchini starts to produce. I can see where all the tiny blooms are starting to make so it won't be long now!

And the cucumbers are in the back against the wall. They are going to start produce soon as well.

The lettuce has been very good this year but I would say all this real hot humid weather we are having now will shut it down fast.

There are also Yard Long Beans growing up the trellis at the front right of the bed.

And in the chair a pot with lemon balm growing very slowly. I believe I am going to find a place to transplant it and see if it will do better.

In the top photo you will see a bucket with Lavender growing in it and a red pot hiding behind the beans which contains some wonderful basil. If you look very closely between the 2 wooden stakes you will also see a row of carrots.

I am sure you saw the rabbit hutch so I guess you need to meet Hoppy!

Hoppy isn't very photogenic!! Which in the rabbit world means he doesn't hold still for pictures!! He has been helping us eat the lettuce before it bolts and goes bad.

Well this walk is taking longer than I thought it would so I believe we will look at the rest of the yard another time. I hope you can join me again.

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Jul 3, 2011

I won!!!

I never win anything!! But I did for the month of June. I won the June raffle that a friend runs over at Etsy. Creatingwithni is a great lady that goes above and beyond to get exposure for all our Etsy shops.

As soon as my package comes I will share it with you. But in the mean time. Check out her shop here. Her shop is filled with lovely goodies to be used for gifts and such. And if you see something that you love and want it in a different color, she is a dream to work with and get exactly what you want. And if you have an idea for something you want to be handmade that you don't see in her shop, she just loves to make that a reality for you as well.

Stop by and check it out, you won't be sorry!
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