Dec 12, 2016

December 12, 2016

So some of you are having snow, but I am getting rain. And I mean rain and more rain. All those months when we had nothing and now we have barrels full. 

Now that the gardens are over and there is time to stop and think I have decided that I need to find a way to grow without water. Now I know that is not 2 things that go together. Growing food without water sounds kinda like an oxymoron. But hang with me I am trying Hugelkultur, let's just say hugel beds for short. Now I have set up 2 of them and I am excited to plant them out in the spring and give it a go. Always trying new things. Improving? It is a wait and see kind of thing, but it will be fun trying.

So Christmas is almost here. I am NOT running myself ragged trying to do everything in the biggest and best way. We are spending the holidays this year relaxing as much a possible and trying to just enjoy each other. How about you, what is your goal for the holidays?

I had fallen behind on weekly menus and with the hustle and bustle being pushed at us from all sides this time of the year I find it helps me to plan ahead. so here are the menus for this week.

Monday........salsa chicken and all the fixin's in a spinach wrap

Tuesday........chopped salad with all the toppings plus boiled eggs for protein

Wednesday.......omelets w/onions, peppers, spinach and bacon topped with fresh tomatoes

Thursday.......tortilla soup using the left over salsa chicken

Friday........chopped salad and homemade pizza idea! Maybe eat out.

Sunday........pot roast

So as it is getting colder I know we tend to go more for comfort foods. But I am trying to keep the fresh salads on the table as much as possible. How about sharing some of your menus with us?

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