Jan 16, 2016

Weekly Ponderings

This week has been a good one.

Had a couple of warm days and I needed to take some photos for my Etsy shop, but I was outside working in the flowerbeds and lost track of time. So no photos taken and now it is raining!

I will have to add that God is good. All of our needs have been taken care of for another week. 

Last week I shared here about how I am combining my morning devotion with journaling and doodling. I am doing this so that I can work on one page all week long. This way I work a little on it each day and have a completed page at the end of the week which I am sharing with you. 

Now some have ask what I am doing the pages with and the best way to answer that is to say, whatever I have on hand. I don't believe you have to have expensive supplies. I love kids art supplies and buy a lot of things when school supplies go on sale in the fall. What's some of your favorite supplies to work with? And please share what you been doing this week.


  1. Another lovely journal page.

    I've been sewing this week and nursing my knee that has been bothering me since mid-December. Doctor determined it's arthritis.

  2. Hi Teacher.....Arthur is no fun at all. I have "him" in both knees and hands the worst. And the worst thing I can do is sit. It makes my knees even stiffer and hurt more when I do get up. But we still like to sit and do our projects! So I get up from time to time and stretch and walk through the house if nothing else.


I try my best to read every comment. And I love hearing from you all.

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