Jan 1, 2016

New Day...New Year.....New Mug!

It is the beginning of a New Year and you have 365 blank pages in front of you. Will your book be a best seller? It will if you give it your all, live each day to the fullest, learn from every experience, share yourself with others, learn something new everyday, love with all your heart and search out God's blessings for you.

I am excited about my "book" and will check back on it from time to time throughout the year.

Make sure you live your life and thrive not just a day to day existence! I hope you might write the best book ever and share it with us. 

Happy 2016!

Here is the mug I am starting out this New Month(and year) with.

1 comment:

  1. I think I will seize the day with hot tea and a crochet hook today, ha ha! Love your mug!


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