Jan 8, 2016

Frenzy Friday

What is everyone doing today? After all it is friday. We just started a New Year and I feel like I am already trying to run and catch up. So with today being friday I want to get the week caught up and have the weekend before me. So today will be a busy day.


First on the list is hubs is going out the door for a quick trip to Lowes, he is picking up 2 things. First he is getting a couple of sandbags. We are having a water problem when it rains with water getting into the garage. And I have heard the old, "I am going to dig a trench" for over a year. So sandbags will hold it till said hubs gets around to it! And the other thing is new air register covers for the living room. He will pick those up so I can get the holes cut in the new floor and get them put in.


I have some laundry to get done. And a couple of boxes of pantry supplies to stock the shelves with. This will not take long just a matter of going to the garage and getting it done.


I have some picture taking and editing to do for my Etsy shop. Things that will spiff it up a bit and get the new year rolling.


I have plans to spend saturday working on creating a new product for my shop. So wait on it. I am excited about it.

So tell me, what kind of plans do you have for today and the weekend?

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  1. Well, I already loaded three trips of wood to the porch, but I plan to back Hubby's truck up tomorrow and stock it very well - bitter cold is returning. I have plans to clean my chicken coop, deep clean,and start on a hat that a family member requested. I plan on resting all day Sunday, but that is a dream some weekends, ha ha!


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