Jan 9, 2016

Weekly Ponderings

So whats the big idea? The calendar says this is January. But it can't be, because this is my 57th January and I know what January is like and this is just wrong! We are suppose to have super cold, even frigid temps with blustery winds and blowing drifting snow. But no, not today, today we just might hit 60*. Thats right, 60*!! In January, so can you see where I am confused? Make a person feel like they must be getting Alzheimer's or something. Cause I know what January is like and this isn't January!

This is what the sky looked like last night, in January!

I am working on a new item for my shop and also for the farmers market this summer. It feels good to get my hands back to work in a productive and creative way. I will be listing some of these in my Etsy shop as soon as they are complete and pictures can be taken so stay tuned for that. 

Do any of you journal? Well at least I guess that is what you call it. I like to do it but I also like to sketch or doodle in an art pad as well as doodle when I am doing my morning devotion. So what I was finding was that was a lot of time being spent and I was having a hard time keeping up which knocked the fun in the head for sure. So this year I am combining them. I will do a page each week and I can take the whole week to complete the page.


  1. Kim LOVE your journal page! Very inspiring! I don't allow myself much time to journal per se but I do make lists, sketch little ideas and log in my planner anything fun or interesting I did or put on my just for fun TO DO list. I usually end up reading something new instead which I did make time for.

    In Nov/Dec my slower "me" time I create these lists then look at them once a week to see what I accomplish, move things up or down in order I want to tackle them as well as add new ideas.

    Last year I wanted to try meditation and while I didn't accomplish that I learned more about it reading as well as about Kundalini yoga.

  2. Your journal page is lovely and by far more artistic than any journal I've ever kept. I hope you will continue to share your weekly journal pages.

  3. Savoy Faire.....thanks so much for stopping in and for leaving me a comment. I am hoping by combining the Journal page with doodling and my notes from my morning devotion time I can complete a page a week.

    Tired Teacher......I hope I can keep up but I promise to share them even if they are half done! Just keep it real!

  4. I have had a blank journal on my desk for a week now, hoping to get started. Yours is lovely!! Maybe your progress will kick start me too!! (I haven't blogged in a while either!! so maybe you kicked that too!)

  5. Hi Jill....sorry I was doing so much kicking....lol! I do miss your blog though, your photos are so much better than mine will ever be. Thanks for stopping in.


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