Jan 11, 2016

Monday's Musings and Menus

The weekend was warm. (56*)

And the weekend was cold. (25*) 

Now both of those were daytime highs. And the wind on sunday was blustery, sharp and would cut right through you. 

But it is January after all and the cold is the normal around here.

But the beautiful sunshine made it all good!

I have been slacking on menus since the holidays, but I am getting back to it. It saves me time and money.

Sunday.......I fixed Chicken Tortilla Soup and a chopped salad.

Monday.......oven fried flounder and oven fries w/ coleslaw

Tuesday......Chicken and dressing, green beans, sweet potatoes, cooked cranberries and biscuits 

Wednesday.....chopped salad, homemade pizza

Thursday.......chopped salad and leftovers

Friday.....fried potatoes and ham, eggs and homemade biscuits

Saturday........no idea!!

I need to make an announcement. I have been notified by blogger that starting today those who follow my blog with Google friend connect can no longer sign in and follow or comment unless you have a google account. I am not sure how many of you this will affect but I do hope you will want to stay badly enough to get a google account and continue reading and commenting on this blog. I do not want to see any of you leave. Thanks.

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