Mar 6, 2016

The Sun Is Coming!

The weather is crazy, but if it gets us closer to spring then I am on board with it. We are going to have a few rain free days and then it will start coming down again. But the temps are to stay in the 60's and 70's for the entire upcoming week. The sun should be showing up this afternoon. Yippy!!! 

This is a busy week ahead and I am going to get a lot completed. At least that is the plan! I have got to get back to making a list. When I make a list I seem to do better at getting things done that need done. But here lately with all the gloomy weather and lack of sunshine I have lost my get up and go, my mojo has flown out the window. I am an early riser and by early afternoon I am "toast", stick a fork in me I am done! So I am going to see if I cannot use the sunshine of the next 3 days and restock my internal furnace.

How about you, do you struggle in the long gray days of winter? What tricks you got up your sleeves to plow through and pick up steam?

I just try to stay busy and rest if I need to but I feel some days that is all my body wants to do. So I try to create and bring color into my space. Those things help some. But I will be truthful here, I do not entirely have a handle on this. 

My doodle for the week has a bit of color, crazy color and design. And then the kitties bring it down to earth as they play and relax in this psychedelic world.


  1. Right now, the weather is in flux - raining one minute; snowing the next. Since six AM it was switched many times - just Winter and Spring tousling on this Monday morning.


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