Mar 14, 2016

Mondays Musings and Menus

The fog is lifting this morning with an eerie look as it hovers just above the automobiles. 

So many signs of spring are popping up around here. And it really is early too. Look at the buds on the maple tree in my front yard.

And the buds on the Dogwood are about to flower out. I so hope they don't get nipped by the cold.

The daffodils are waving their heads in the wind already. 

And as you can see the bluebirds have begun building already. This box always has at least one broad every year.

I love spring and I am so glad it is here. But I just hope that old man winter does not rear his ugly head and mess it up!

This week is an easy week for food.

Sunday....we had leftovers

Monday.....shrimp tacos

Tuesday......grilled chicken and veggies

Wednesday.......grilled salmon and chopped salad

Thursday........loin chops with leftover grilled veggies and pasta

Friday.......Chopped salad and homemade pizza

Saturday.......meatball stew


  1. Not many signs of spring in my area; although the temps have been in flux - warm one day and cool and windy the next.

    Love the bird house photo. I need to prepare a box of nesting materials for the birds soon.

  2. Looks like a great menu. I may be trying some halibut burritos soon.


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