Mar 19, 2016

Almost Spring Time

According to the calendar at least!! We have had 2 weeks now of high temps in the 70's, but today is only getting up to 40* if we are lucky and the dreaded S word(snow) is coming our way tomorrow. That's right on the first day of spring! I really hope it doesn't affect the fruit trees and dogwoods. But with temps dropping into the low 30's we may be having a problem.

So there has been some lawn clean up going on around here. As well as some work on some beds that will hold mostly veggies of one kind or another. I always intermingle flowers in my beds as companions to help deter bugs but also as food for the soul. I have been amending soil in some beds and making more beds as well. Soil is being hauled from the woods after I have sifted it to get out all the debris and large pieces. This is more like half soil and half leaf mold from the forest floor. Really good stuff!! 

Last year we had a very wet season and because of planting in some "unique" ways I still got a pretty good harvest. I call it unique, but hubs calls it weird! But he has no problem eating the food that it provides. So I afford him a few laughs.

I alway grow my potatoes in cages and this year I am going to try my sweets in containers of some kind as well. I will do my onions in raised beds. I have really good luck with this method for 2 reasons. First we do not walk in the beds so the soil is not compacted and also if we get lots of rain the raised beds drain well. And I will put my green onions (scallions) in a half whiskey barrel. 

I will do my best to get some pictures later on and share those with you on the next post about my growing methods. But you have to promise not to laugh? 

I may have cold temps outside and not be able to work in the garden but I have been blessed with a ray of sunshine on my window sill.

This orchid is blooming and I have another one getting ready to anyday now.


  1. Looking forward to hearing about your unique planting method. We lost almost 95% of our garden. Or more.

  2. Kristina, I will be sharing some of it but you have to promise not to laugh!


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