Mar 21, 2016

Spring Has Sprung and I Did a Doodle

Well yesterday was the first official day of Spring and our high was 40*. According to the local weather service that is a good 10* below our normal for the first day of Spring. So as I sit here typing this and scratching my head I have to wonder what is coming our way in the weeks ahead. Will it be dry and hot or wet and cold  or ........well I could go on with this craziness for ever! So let's just say we are glad that Spring is here and take what she gives us.

I do know one thing for sure, things are greening up around here. The grass is growing and the flowers are poking their little heads up to see what the weather is doing. The birds are all out looking for the perfect place to build their nests. And the buds on the trees are all popping out.

I worked on a doodle this week and could not help but think of spring as I did.

Menus for dinners this week:

Sunday......we had leftovers, two of us had meatball stew and grilled cheese and the other had shrimp tacos

Monday...... chicken pot pie (recipe here) and a small chopped salad

Tuesday......venison sausage and blueberry pancakes on the firepit. Roasted potatoes, carrots and a head of cauliflower and grilled pork loin chops


Friday......turkey kielbasa, potatoes, onions, and fresh spinach in foil pouches 

Saturday......No clue yet!

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