Mar 2, 2016

Playing Catch Up....Changing Of The Mug

So it is March 2nd. I know I always do "The Changing of the Mug" on the first of the month. But yesterday was a bit whacky. Lots of storms rolled through in my neck of the woods and very high winds were blowing them, so we were without power most of the day. Also had no Cell coverage or data so it was a screwy day all in all. 

But today we move forward to try and get all those things done that we did not get done yesterday. So let's begin with "The Changing Of The Mug". This springtime beauty will cheer me through March.

As I have said many time before, my mugs are big for most people. They are in the 17-20 ounce size. I like to start my morning with a "MUG" of coffee. Actually I have a Keurig and the larger mug allows me to make the perfect, to my liking, cup of joe. 

I did some weaving yesterday but the power being off was a bit of a damper. And it made me realize that I need to address the issue of light at my loom. That is light at my loom when there is no power! So I believe for starters the loom will be moved in a few days to be closer to a window.

Had some snow this morning and Miz Maggie was not about to let the snow keep her from having some quality time with her favorite bone.

With power on today, my loom will be clicking all day long. I have a goal to meet in my head and I am sending out a memo to all those in my home, memo reads: foods on the stove, eat when you are hungry!


  1. Glad your power is back on. Beautiful colors on the mug too.

  2. The wind has been howling here, too. I drove home from Denver yesterday, and fought a 35-55 mph head wind all the way. It was white-knuckle driving.

    1. Wow I would not like that at all.


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