Mar 11, 2016

Free Willy Friday

 It is 76* right now and although I know it will change and we will still have some chilly weather ahead, I cannot help but be thankful for a little slice of this warmth and sunshine.

We got some rain overnight, nothing torrential just a slow steady "spring" rain. The robins are all over the place and having no trouble finding worms to eat. I have not seen any signs of nesting yet, but I am sure it will not be long now. 

Hubs and the grandson did some fishing this week, but no catching. The water is a little bit murky still but it will clear up soon.

I have my first show of the year in 5 weeks from today!! Where does time go.

Been looking at all the things around me that I am so thankful to have and be a part of and thought I might share a bit of it with you.

My Grandson is with us and although there have been some challenges (we are old you know) it has truly been a blessing.

I am thankful for several new friendships that I have began to nurture through a fiber guild that I have started going to. It is so fun to spend time with ladies of like minds.

I am thankful for a good report on all my blood work and exam from my Dr. yesterday. 

And for having such great Dr.'s at our local VA hospital. Hubs went and they quickly realized he had a sinus infection, so he is on a Zpak.

So as you get ready for the weekend, what are you looking forward to?

And be on the lookout tomorrow for the weekly doodle!

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