Sep 28, 2014

Jacket Required

It was a bit nippy (56) on the deck this morning with my first cup of coffee (and my second!). Not only was a jacket required but also a pair of sweat pants, but I do still have on my flip flops! I just hate giving up the porch time, so a girl does what ever it takes to hang on a bit longer. The sun finally peeked through the morning haze around 10 am. But even now it is still not strong and bright.

This has been a crazy week with car issues and my not being able to attend a show I had scheduled. A dear friend just did not understand that for what ever reason I am home from this show and this is right where God wants me to be. So there is no better place.

This is an item that came off my plate this weekend. I finished it yesterday.

I have another show in 2 weeks and hopefully all the vechile woes woll be over by then. In the mean time I am working to complete several mote items to take along.

Dinner menues for this coming week are as follows.

Monday----a big salad with a salsa chicken quesidilla

Tuesday-----grilled veggies(yellow squash, baby bella mushrooms, bell peppers) and turkey veggie burger grilled w/o a bun.

Wednesday----homemade chili(venison) with chopped fried cabbage added. Don't knock it till you try it!

Thursday------grilled turkey keilbasa with a big salad.

Friday-----homemade veggie pizza

Saturday-----breakfast for dinner. Veggie hash with a small amount of ham chopped for flavor and fried eggs.

Sunday----a big pot of something? Just not sure whats in the pot yet.

Now please tell me whats on your menu this week. 


  1. Sometimes I feel God puts these obstacles in our way just so we have to "Stop" and listen. You needed a little rest, "He" knew it but you didn't.

    We are having something turkey tonight as well--not sure how I will cook it yet.

    1. are so right and he is so good.


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