Oct 2, 2014

Changing The Mug----Enter to Win

Very crisp out this morning, but I am still having my morning coffee on the porch. I did change my mug yesterday though.

I like to change it with the seasons and so the jack-o-lantern was perfet for this month.

I am working on abit of crocheting when I sit down. But since I don't do much of that I need projects that are quick! And with a show coming up this weekend this little item was perfect to occupy my small tidbits of porch time. I will post more about the finished projects later.

Until about 3 months ago I was the proud owner of a stupid phone. And I also did not understand the need to upgrade. Well fast forward to now..........and lets just say, why on earth did I wait so long! It gives me so much more freedom. Now I am still "old school" and there by refuse to constantly be "on my phone". Sometime I just unplug and craft or sew or talk to those around me. But I have to admit it has its advantages. One of those advantages are getting to follow some great blogs that I had told myself were to time consuming before my phone came along. Now I don't have to stop what I  am doing and sit at computer. But instead I can check them out where ever I am. 

So while doing just that I came across the blog of a great lady that I belive alot of you would enjoy. And right now she is having a great give away that is sure to make your house smell like fall. So zip on over to Just Looking For A Bargain and visit with Char. Don't forget to sign up!

Need to get moving for now. See you later.


  1. Merry October ~ I LoVe the mug!
    And, I *still* have a dumb phone. I have a strong sense, though, that resistance is futile. :)

    1. Rose...it actually ended up being cheaper. And it is super easy to adapt to.

  2. I look forward to seeing your finished project. Porch time....love it!


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