Sep 21, 2014

Sunday Sunrise

I was sitting on the porch this morning with my first cup of coffee. Waiting for the sun to begin it climb. The air was thick with moisture, the leaves on the trees turning upward from the wind and the impending call for rain. I had plans today to get outside and finish up some painting, but those plans have changed.
I have plenty of tasks to achieve inside so I am glad for the change to my plans.

I am trying to slow down in life a bit and this is yet another reminder for me that the good Lord above is still in control.

The leaves are starting to change and fall.

I am noticing my dogs are shedding less as they prepare their coats for the winter ahead.

And I found this outside the other evening.

Now in my "neck of the woods" we take a solid black woolly worm as the sign of a hard winter ahead. Some may view this as an old wives tale, but I have seen them a dark caramel color and the winters were mild. So I am just sayin'.........!

Shorter days and cooler nights are also a reminder of his control and not ours. I am thankful for these signs. It allows me a certain peace of knowing I can let go and let God have the reins.

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  1. Kim I am glad that you are taking the time to slow down a little. Time goes by much too quickly. Every day I am reminded that God is in control of all things and when I forget that and try to control on my own chaos reins. God bless the believers!


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