Sep 18, 2014

September......ain't it great!

September has got to be the greatest month, after all I was born in September! But seriously, I wake up to upper 50's every morning. Which means the heat pump is turned off and getting a much needed rest after all the heat of the summer.

The sun shines so pretty and adds warmth as the day gets along.

The humidity is low, low, low. And there seems to always be a slight breeze.

With the change  in weather, the grass is not growing as fast and once a week mowings is all it takes to keep up.

Things just seem to slow down a bit and that makes it easier to slow down myself. Although I can always find plenty to do, it seems like less pressure to "hurry up" with each task.

I also love being able to spend more time outside than I could on the heat of summer.

I also love all the fall festivals, some I just like to attend. But a few I actually sell at. I have one next weekend and I have been finishing up some little things to help fill tables. Here is what I finished yestetday.

So how about you, what do you love about fall?

1 comment:

  1. Cute! I love the fall weather, camping, campfires and no humidity.


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