Sep 15, 2014

Monday Morning

I woke up to 49 degrees this morning with the fog just starting to lift. So a big cup of hot coffee was in order.

So hot coffee with pumpkin spice creamer and....yes I still read the morning paper. Then my morning devotion and I am off and running.

Lots of plans for a Monday, I have a show coming up the last weekend of the month so lots of painting to do to get ready. My show is in Lucasville OH. It will be at the fairgrounds so if you can, stop by and see us.

This is a busy week so I have my menus planned for the week. Breakfast is Greek yogurt with fruit and homemade granola or veggie omelets.
Lunch is always fruit with nuts or whole grain crackers with cheese or nut butters.
Dinners this week are as follows..... Monday-----large chopped salad with homemade BBQ venison chunks.
Tuesday-----chopped salad with home canned cabbage rolls.
Wednesday-----salad with whole grain pasta/home canned sauce
Thursday-----large chopped salad with tuna, cheese and sunflower seeds.
Friday------chopped salad with homemade pizza with a thin sourdough crust and lots of veggies.
Saturday-----dinner with friends.
Sunday-----turkey breast, fresh cooked greens and roasted corn.

Now I really have to get going. One load of laundry is on the line but the second one is about to be ready to hang.


  1. Kim, loved this post and your menus. Gave me some good ideas, as I am running out after all these years. Devotions are the best start to any day! Good luck with your shows.

  2. I'm stumped on meals this week. I have yet to figure out tonight's, ha ha!


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