Sep 10, 2014

Fall Like Stuff

A trip around my yard this morning revealed more "fall" looking stuff than I really wanted to see. 

I still had to admire the vibrance of the colors.

My grandmother always called this light purple flower " the last bloomer". As it is the last of the summer flowers to start to bloom in my garden. Also notice the spider web in the middle.

This little web has a tunnel right in the middle. See it? It is in the middle of the yard. There were several of them throughout the yard.

As you can see on close inspection, the Four O'Clocks are going to seed. I still like looking at them though. Later this week the temps are going to drop and night times will be in the 50's. So football weather is upon us.

I may not be ready to give up my flip flops. Or my tank tops! And I probably won't! But I will embrace the change and ready myself and my home for what is ahead.

So tell me what signs of fall are you seeing?

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