Mar 12, 2014

Wellness Wednesday

I am getting healthy and shedding some pounds, sometimes faster than others. But slow and steady works for me. It could work for you to. Last year I made my yearly visit to the Dr. And found my cholesterol was to high and my triglycerides and my weight. Well after spending the past year watching how I cooked and making some changes here and there and also trying to get a walk in whenever possible, I was able to get the numbers under control. Well at least the Cholesterol and triglycerides.

 So this year it is time to work on the weight.
I am watching what I eat and making much better choices. As well as moving a much as possible. This really is the key for me. There never was a lot of sitting going on around my house but now there is even less. 

So I would love to hear about you and what made you get moving or even what moving you enjoy doing. Zumba is my new love right now and I can't seem to get enough. Now I am not saying I am real good at it but the most important part is that I am moving.

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  1. Just listening to my elders and their health problems motivates me to keeping a good eye on my body and health.


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