Mar 21, 2014

Feel Good Friday

Well I started out today with some bible time and then a cup of coffee and my sketch pad. 

Later I met a friend for coffee. We were going to do lunch but neither of us need to be eating all that much so we decided on coffee so we will feel more like we are doing it together instead of just eating. The weather was so nice outside that we went to the park and walked about 2 miles afterwards.

I came home after and baked Beer Bread. A loaf for us and a loaf for a neighbor. So today is about feeling good and I thought it might be nice to make someone else feel good too. i spent some time with the neighbors when I took over the bread. her hubs has Parkinson's disease and she is his full time care giver. So they enjoyed the company and so did I.  

So what did you do today to make yourself or someone else feel better?

1 comment:

  1. My day has become very complicated. Would you be willing to share that recipe?


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