Feb 13, 2016

Weekly Ponderings

As cold as it is out there today it is hard to ponder anything except how to stay warm. And the only thing I can think I would like to do today is snuggle up by a fire. But the only place I have to build one is in the firepit outside! So that will be a pass! But that doesn't keep a girl from dreaming, so I did a little surfing and here is what I came up with.

I could see myself with a hot cup of coffee and a good book sitting in front of either of these fireplaces for the afternoon. But since I don't have a fireplace! Imagining is all a girl can do.

I will be showing you this week's doodle art tomorrow. You will understand why when you see it.

Stay warm and safe.


  1. Love the fireplace pictures. Great idea.

  2. Thanks Sue, but you got a fireplace and I don't! Enjoy it.

  3. Our wood stove is going full time this weekend - very cold out here.


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