Feb 27, 2016


I guess we all have stress in our lives. And I also believe, that what is stress to me might not be for you. And what is relaxing to me might make you nervous as heck. Well lots of things are relaxing to me. Basically anything I am doing with my hands is a form of relaxation. I use to say my art was my Prozac! But it really is not a joke. Creativity is a great form of relaxation. It allows my blood pressure to go down and and gives me a peaceful feel. Now I "like" to be creative 12 months out of the year. But I do find that for some reason I "need" to be creative in the long days of winter. Maybe it is the lack of sunshine or even just not as much daylight. But creating I must be doing and this week has been no different. I have been looming up a storm this week. 

So tell me what you been doing to relax during these long sunless winter days.


I have also been doodling! I am enjoying just taking a blank piece of paper and starting to fill it up. Sometimes the idea comes before the pen hits the paper and other times the pen takes off and it just becomes what it is. That is what happened this week. I was thinking about God's Favor and how many instances in the bible where it sustained those who accepted it. And I guess as I was thinking, my fingers were listening! I thought about Joseph as he was in prison and found favor with the guards. And look at Noah, he found favor in the eyes of the Lord and he landed high and dry.

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  1. Kim, I love the weaving work. How fun and relaxing. We have actually been getting sunshine, and I sipped tea, read a book, on the porch today. It has been windy, but very nice weather today.


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