Feb 15, 2016

Monday's Musings and Menus

It is still cold and frozen outside but they say the weather is changing some today. They say it is going to warm up enough that the snow will become ice! And then warm up even more so mother nature can give us rain! And then a we all know it will freeze again overnight into ICE!

  When I got up this morning this is what I found on the ground and in the trees and all around. So here we go for another round!

Well my menus for the week are warm cozy ones.

Sunday.....I baked a ham, smashed potatoes, fried cabbage

Monday......meatball stew and grilled cheese on homemade sourdough bread

Tuesday.......kielbasa with onions and peppers, cannellini beans

Wednesday.......breakfast for dinner


Friday......buffalo cauliflower bites, grilled ham and cheese 


So how about all of you, what's on the menu?


  1. Brrrr! Looks like a good day to sew, read, and knit.

  2. That is a lot of the cold stuff you have there! We have the air cooler running right now (West Texas) - I like your weekly menu. I'm trying to go vegan so my menus are not very presentable yet - I do have soy burgers with avocado planned, bean chili, and bean spaghetti...

  3. Hello Olde Dame Penniwig and thanks for stopping by. I am envious of your sunshine! This just needed to be a warm comfort food week. Hope to see you back real soon.


I try my best to read every comment. And I love hearing from you all.

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