Feb 19, 2016

Finishline Friday

It's Friday, how on earth did this happen? I mean where did the week go? 

It started off like this.

And stayed this way for a couple days. 

Then we got the heaviest rain and thunder(in February) but it would refreeze everything at night time like this.

So all the water was froze like this and now here we are to friday and it is suppose to hit 60 degrees. Now I am not complaining about the rising temps at all. I am excited to see a touch of spring and have something to look forward to in the coming weeks. 

I am starting to see Robin's in my neck of the woods. They leave for the winter and we don't see them till spring. So the few I am seeing must be the "scouts" that go looking for spring ahead of the flocks. Are you seeing the spring birds yet around your house?

I have spent some time at the loom this week and I have to say those are the most relaxing parts of my days. I am enjoying this weaving adventure so much. I love the whole idea of taking nothing(rags) and turning them into a beautiful piece of usable art. My mind just races as I start to rip the fabric into strips and try to imagine how it will look once it is woven into a rug. And by the way my mind never gets it right! It is always a surprise when I start weaving it together. But oh it is so much fun!

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