Feb 26, 2016

Fondness Friday

This has indeed been a busy week. Cold weather with lots of wind has filled most of the days. It has rained at 36 degrees and snowed at 30 degrees. But no matter what the wind was blowing. I thought a few times I was going to have to tie a brick around Lil'bit when I sent him out to do his business!! That wind was fierce! But I am so thankful we did not sustain any damage from it as so many others did. We only had to chase trashcans a few times is all.


I have not been taking very many pictures lately.(for the above reasons). But I hope to solve that in the week and days to come. Sunshine will make it a bit easier to get some photos taken.


I was reading the other day about ways to keep a marriage strong. And there was the usual things you read about, things like, laugh together, pray together, complement each other, compromise when you need to.

These things got me to thinking, after all we been married for 36 years. So laugh together, that is something we do everyday, usually cause we are laughing at each other!

Pray together, this one is done every morning to start our day and at night before the lights go out.

Complement each other. This is something that has to be sincere and come from the heart. If not it will backfire in a big way!

And compromise is probably the hardest one to do consistently and without keeping score! Are you a score keeper? We did it your way last time! I let you do what you wanted last week. Sometimes this is the way we feel but I have found that thinking about the union as a whole and not yourself makes it easier to figure out what is best in the long run. And after all that the bottom line. 

So I was thinking of our "Marriage Basket" and how full it is. When we got married 36 years ago it was an empty basket and we had to work everyday to fill it up. We worked to fill it with compassion. We added as much patience as we could. Admiration was something we could never have too much of. We experienced good times and laughter and slipped those memories in the basket as well. Love that we had for each other and shared with our children were bundled and saved. Cause you see this basket is always there for us to draw from. But we can never let it get empty. We cannot take more out than we put in. So many marriages today do not make it through the tough times because the basket is empty and there is nothing for them to pull out when they need it. 

So give it some thought, make sure your basket is well stocked for the most important task you have. Take care to not take more out than you put in.

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  1. Great post. Hubby and I take time together, with so many kids here. I tend to feel like everyone takes and takes and gives nothing back. I do get worn out, but refill often.


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