Feb 25, 2016

Thankful Thursday and other Stuff

This weather has been crazy for sure. Yesterday was 64 degrees with sunshine and today it is in the 30's and snowing. Lots of wind as well. 

The buds on almost all the trees are filling up and I hope that the fruit trees don't get bitten too bad. Last year was a bad year for apples and pears and peaches. I hope the fruit is good this year for winter storage.

I got to thinking last evening about the how things are going and the weather and all and it made me so thankful:

For our warm home to live in.

Warm clothing and boots to keep our feet dry.

A well stocked pantry to provide food to warm us from the inside out.

Books on the shelf to read.

And good health for us all.


A big pot of chili is going on the stove today. It will feed us well and also warm up the kitchen all day long. And the aroma as it cooks is just another bonus.

So what are you cooking for dinner tonight?


  1. I had baked ziti! Perfect comfort food on this cold, snowy day.

    1. Yummy, I love pasta but we are trying to not eat as much as we were with hubs Diabetes but that would truly be comfort to me.


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