Dec 2, 2015

Weaving Wednesday

 It is "Weaving Wednesday" the day of the week where I share some of my weaving journey. One thing I can say is I am having a blast. It is so much fun sitting at a loom and thinking about who has sat there before me. Who has made useful items on this loom? What would they say to me if they were here? My head just runs wild with questions about these weavers. I am sure I will never acquire all the skills that they had but I am loving this journey. 

Well this week was no different, well it was, oh gosh wait till you hear! I was so privileged to get the chance to sit at a Rocker Beater Loom and weave this week. This loom was massive (to me) and so unique. 

The construction of the loom was amazing. It was built circa 1820 down near Olive Hill KY. which is not far from where I live. It was hand made and remained in the same family till some time in the 1960's. It was all hand hewn and there were no nails or screws and I might add it was as solid as ever.

It was a wonderful experience getting to sit and wind the shuttle from my own rag balls and then begin weaving on the same loom that had been used so long ago to create, no doubt, many very useful items for the lives of those making them. As I thought of what could have been made on this loom my mind was racing. The original owner could have made rugs or covers for beds. They could have even woven cloth to make clothing. Wow, just the thought makes my head spin.

So I sat on the bench with a full shuttle in hand and began the process. Sliding it from left to right and then pulling the beater forward to secure the row...then again from right to left and so on. Well you get the idea, and I was so transfixed by this process. It seemed so natural, so necessary for me to be doing it just like it had been necessary for them so long ago.


  1. If I ever start a new hobby, it will be weaving.

  2. beautiful! It must be so meditative to sit and do this. Connecting with the past and making something for the future.

  3. Tired was your rug twining that got me interested in the first place. is captivating. You know it is bad when you are hoping for snow so you can stay in and!

    Kristina...thank you!


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