Dec 7, 2015

Monday Musings and Menus

The weekend was a cold one with something called freezing fog. It was something that I never remember seeing before. But I am sure it is not new! But it was kinda eerie looking.

Some holiday baking was done this weekend. I made mini loaves of banana walnut and apple walnut breads. I have put these in the freezer and will use them to make baskets for holiday giving.

Christmas cards were started. Some of these get mailed and some are placed in the "mailbox" at church. And some will go with gift baskets for neighbors and friends. These will need to be completed this week.

So as we get closer to christmas we get busier and it seems there is more to do than ever. Because of this I am trying to do easier meals that take less time. And I am also trying to keep it simple to reduce some calories and carbs. After all we all know that at this time of the year it is easy to find extra carbs and calories without even looking. So here is what is inline for this weeks dinners around my house.

Sunday......roasted garlic chicken, green beans, carrots and homemade mac and cheese with a chopped salad

Monday.........chopped salad, flatbreads w/chicken, sundried tomatoes, ripe olives and mozzarella cheese

Tuesday......veggie soup, grilled cheese on homemade sourdough bread

Wednesday......chopped salad, flounder and leftover mac and cheese

Thursday......homemade TV dinners made from thanksgiving dinner and a chopped salad

Friday......chili and friends around the fire pit. And then going to look at christmas lights later on.

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  1. Occasionally this area gets a freezing fog: it makes for treacherous driving.

    I like simple meals this time of year, - mostly soups.


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