Dec 23, 2015

Christmas Eve Eve!

I am hoping that each of you is having a wonderful holiday season. 

With christmas just 2 days away and all family out of town or otherwise detained for the big day, it ends up just being hubs and I. We will be sharing a meal and gifts with my father and his wife one Christmas Eve in the afternoon and then home to spend Christmas Day together. Now sure we will miss all those we love that are not here with us but we love each other and have so much to be thankful for. So we will spend the day doing just that! We will remember years past and how much fun and laughter was around about on christmas. And we will do all we can to see that the other enjoys the day and make a few memories to have to share years down the road.

Just look what hubs brought me this afternoon, aren't they beautiful? 
He is really a keeper!

******sorry about the picture of the tree with no baseboards. But we just finished the new floors day before yesterday and decided the tree was going up and the rest of the room could wait till after the holidays were over.***

So there will be more on that to follow in the new year!


  1. The tree and roses are gorgeous! Merry Christmas

  2. Love the tree! I put a white one up in addition to our regular tree. Not this year, though. I got a bit behind, ha ha!


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