Nov 18, 2015

Weaving Wednesday

Good Morning, I have some more to share on my adventure. It began here if you want to catch up. 

So first let me say that class we so fun last night. I got to do something different and very beneficial. I spent the evening warping a loom.

So I started out winding my warp on a warping board. This allowed me to get all my warp threads the same length. Once that was completed it tied off, so it would not become a birds nest when I took it off the board.

Then the process of tying it onto the loom began. I tied each warp thread onto an existing warp thread after this was completed I pulled each small knot through the beater bars. Then with the help from my teacher they were wound onto the warp roller. I was then able to tie my warp threads onto the apron bar and the loom is ready to begin weaving on. 

And I did get to do some weaving this week on a big barn loom, making cotton cloth for making clothing. That was kinda neat and I will say that thing was huge! 

So I have a little surprise. I found me a loom and got to see it. Now of course it is old (1930's), but so am I and a couple of pegs need repaired. Hubs will be all over that. Its got a little(lot) of dust on it. But I think it is beautiful. I haven't brought it home yet but it is mine and again I am so excited. I might be too old for all this excitement. But it sure is FUN!

So next week I get to take a field trip of sort and weave on a different loom than before. I will be sure and get some good pictures. I get so involved with "doing" that I forget to take the pictures.

If any of you weave I would love to hear all about it. How you got involved, what you weave on, what you make?

And don't forget to check back next week for "Weaving Wednesday".

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  1. Neat. A weaving loom is on my list for when the kids move out and I can actually have a "craft" room here.


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