Nov 22, 2015

This and That

This post is kinda like scrambled eggs! But then that is how my brain feels lately. It may be the holidays that's got me this way. I used to decorate every room in the house. But every year it seems I could really care less if there is a tree or not. The kids won't be home and the grands are not around so it is hard to get in the mood to spend all that time and energy decorating.We certainly celebrate the true meaning of Christmas and are very thankful for it and share it with those we are around during the holiday season. But I am still out on a limb as to whether there will be decorations and a tree in my home or not.


As far as shopping goes I don't have a lot to do but it is almost complete. Except for those that you just don't know what to get. I personally would love to have a homemade christmas. Where we all made gifts for each other. Spending time and energy and our own creativity. But there are those on my list that swear they never made a thing in their life and do not intent to start now. And they also kinda turn up their nose at handmade items. So what is a gal to do!


How about gift cards? Do you give them? Do you like to receive them? Will you be using them this year?

I don't mind receiving them. But for some reason I feel like I am bombing out if I give them. Always wonder if I am choosing the right place to get the card. What if they would like somewhere else better. Also wonder if I should just give cash and they could use it as they wish.


I love cooking anytime of the year but especially for the holidays. Have a house full of family and friends is what the holidays should be. But as we are getting older and everyone has their own families. It is hard to get everyone together. 

When I was growing up we would not have considered a Christmas without going to mamaws house. All the family was there from her children, grandchildren even some great grands as time went on. There were also friends stopping by and everyone enjoyed each others company.

But times have changed and this newer generation is not like that. It makes me so thankful that we were, remembering back to how much joy it brought my grandmother.

 So new traditions need to be made. Things that will bring us joy and happiness during the holiday season. We are thinking on this and trying to come up with a few things that might suit us.

Any of you find things changing as the kids are older? How are you coping and what kind of things are you adopting in your home?


  1. Well, I do think that all of our extended families this year want a break from the mass of people in one house, and an overload of food. I would like to scale back and just take the day easy for once. As for new traditions, I'll like to try a new veggie side vs. the same stuff year after year. I'd also like the kids and Hubby to help with the meal. I too would like an all-out "homemade" Christmas.

  2. Here's my "two cents" on gift giving. If you want a homemade Christmas, then make all of the gifts YOU give. Make them specifically for each person.

    Gift cards are nice, but so impersonal. I've given them and received them, but do not like them.

    If your family is large you might suggest that next year, that names be drawn for next year's gift exchange.

  3. Thank you for your post. So many people, including my family, are experiencing this. It's tough when the children grow into adults and start their own holiday traditions. I've had years without a tree or decorations too. I've created new traditions - buying gifts for Angel kids, an evening at home with candlelight, music and memories and taken a Chrsitams Eve drive to see the lights. Thanks for shedding light on one of the challenging aspects of the holidays. And go for the gift certificates or cash. Took me a long time to get over giving them but once I realized that truly was what every one wanted I went for it. Of course I made fancy gift card holders - because like you, homemade rules.

  4. Kristina.......I am just the opposite, I would love having 15-20 in my house and I would do all the cooking as long as there was help with the clean up. I had to laugh over your new tradition being a new veggie dish. LOL

    Tired Teacher...... Not a large family. But although I love making and giving and receiving handmade, I do not want to give something that is not wanted or appreciated. And I have to respect that some feel as though you did not want to spend money on them when you give handmade. So they may get an impersonal gift card.

    Sue.....Thanks so much for understanding. I just thought it was me in a funk! But you are right and we do several things during the holidays that are things we enjoy.


I try my best to read every comment. And I love hearing from you all.

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