Nov 2, 2015

November is a month of Thankfulness

          *****I should have posted this yesterday November 1st*****

November is a month of Thankfulness. So I have decided to do just that and be thankful each day and not just on Thanksgiving Day. I am particularly centering on my husband this month, because he is the greatest husband. Now I didn't say perfect, although he is perfect for me. 

So many times we take for granted that those we love just know it. We assume they understand our thoughts before we say them and sometimes we don't say them at all. But everyone likes to here they did something well. That they made a good choice, that you noticed their efforts. So this month I want to make more of an effort to remember this and lift my husband up in the lord. I want to show him he matters to me and that he is important. 

Now as I have thought about this as we got closer to the beginning of this month I decided this was more about not mentioning the negative things as much as it was pointing out the things I love about him and the things I appreciate so much. So I am off on this adventure and I will touch back on it from time to time throughout the month and let you know how it is going.


  1. Nice post, and great idea. The reality of life is there are always some negative parts to the day. Looking forward to your posts.

  2. Kristina, absolutely, but it is how we deal with those negatives that make us. And the negatives are going to just be there but I want to try and not add to them. Keeping my fingers crossed.


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