Nov 2, 2015

Monday's Menus

Happy Monday Morning to You! 

Lots of fog outside this morning but I am keeping my fingers crossed that it will burn off soon and sunshine will prevail.

Weekly dinner menus are all I am sharing with you. We do simple things for breakfast like eggs, toast, oats, cream of wheat or cocoa wheats(my hubs' favorite). Lunch is always a leftover from the night before or a PBJ or grilled cheese with some fresh veggies.

So here we go!

Monday......roasted chicken, fried cabbage, fresh green beans

Tuesday......pork loin, mac n cheese, roasted broccoli and cauliflower

Wednesday.......split pea and ham soup from the freezer. (for me) 
home canned veggie soup (for hubs)

Thursday......chopped salad w/roasted chicken and pea pods

Friday.....homemade pizza (lots of veggies and a thin sourdough crust)

Saturday.....I am making chicken/sausage po' boys with onions and peppers.

Sunday.....I have no idea!

So how about you, what is going to be on your table this week?

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