Nov 1, 2015

Changing Of The Mug and Fall Pictures

Today is November 1st. We set the clocks back last night or I guess I could say they set themselves back. I am really going to be dating myself here but I remember when we all had to run around the house setting all the clocks in the house back. There was always 2 clocks in the kitchen (one on the wall and one on the stove). And alarm clock in the bedroom. And a big clock on the wall in the livingroom. And then of course everyone was wearing a watch. And you had to decide if you were going to set them back right before you went to bed, so you got up to them reading the correct time or if you were going to do the set back when you got up in the morning. And you had to coordinate with everyone in the house so they all did it at the same time or it could really get confusing. So how about it, do you have a clock set back story you would like to share with us? We can laugh about it now even though it was probably not so funny at the time.

I have a few pictures to share of a walk around my yard. All of them show some great fall color and are proof that beauty is everywhere.

And that leads us to the Changing of the Mug. My mug for the month of November will be.......

And as the weather is suppose to continue to give us some good stuff I may just get to enjoy a few more times on the porch with my coffee.


I try my best to read every comment. And I love hearing from you all.

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