Mar 7, 2015

I Am So Thankful

The week has been a slow one with lots of snow and frigid temps. But still there has been so many moments of thankfulness. I just wanted to give credit where it was due.

I am thankful for the snow for it will help to provide water for the summer gardens as well as streams and lakes.

I am thankful that our power was only off for about 12 hours, and that we were prepared to deal with it.

I am thankful for my husband who is a strong man in many ways and yet gentle to a fault.

I am thankful for our stores of food that allow us to cook without running to the store when a storm is coming. 

I am thankful for my crafting stuff that helps me to stay busy even when I am snowed in.

I am even thankful for getting a new sweeper, since my old one burned up.

I am also thankful for the beauty that the snow brings us, and the exercise!

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