Mar 13, 2015

Girl Talk

Well its friday, the end of the week or the beginning of the weekend. Either way it is time for me to share some bits and pieces of my week and hopefully you will share as well.

I had a doctors appointment this week. It was my once a year checkup and as usual they did blood work. Well I had the blood drawn about a month ago so he would have the results and we could review them while I was there. He was very pleased with all my numbers. Several had changed since the last visit(2014) and without medication. So he said I must be doing something right! 

I did bring up the fact that one set of numbers that were not changing were those on the scales. As expected his response was, "well now when you get to be your age(55)". So I jumped on this one really quick, and let him know that I would not allow my age to be an excuse for the extra pounds or any aches and pains that I happen to experience. So he did a bit of the back stroke and we sat down to talk. We reviewed my eating habits and my exercise routines and also any outside physical activities that I partake of on a regular basis. In doing this he suggested a few things I might tweak to perhaps get things moving alone in the right direction. I will give some of them a try over time and will let you know of any positive or negative results. 

What are any of you finding to be a helpful in your quest for better health?


As most of you know the weather last week was cold and wet and frozen solid for me. And then the thaw came and in 2 days it was all gone except for the mountains of ice where the plows had came through. Then the sun began to shine and we had several days in the 60's. But now it is gray and raining outside again. But that is NOT A PROBLEM! I believe those few days of sunshine and warm breezes was just a reminder of what was coming our way pretty soon. And perhaps the next time it comes it will be here to stay. Seven days from today and spring is here! YIPPY!


What about garden work? Yard Work? Seed planting? Are you guys doing any of the above? 

I garden in a very small condensed area but I get a lot of bang for my buck. I can a lot of veggies out of it. Here are some pics from past years. And  here  are some more.

I have planted a few varieties of tomatoes and have done some cleanup around the yard and garden area. But so far that is all for me.

How about you, what have you been doing to ready your lawn and garden for spring?


I do have some plans drawn up to work around the yard this spring. We will be putting in a new wall( very low) between the patio and the grass. We will be using those stackable landscape blocks. And it will only be 2 rows high. We had timbers there and they need replaced. 

We will be enlarging the hard surface around the firepit.

I will be making a new awning for my swing and husband is going to redo the wooden slats in the swing.

Also some of the fencing needs a bit more tension applied. So as you can see we will be very busy once the weather breaks. 

Do you have plans to spruce up the yard for spring and summer use?


  1. We do have many, many plans this year, but time will be the issue. We still have to knock down two trees, and a barn, so I may not get my root cellar until next year. Either way, if we get something done, we are still making progress. I am gearing up for a good garden year.

  2. Kristina, thanks for stopping by. Keep in mind the wood from the barn might make a good tophouse for the root cellar. i know what you mean on time. I am trying to make lists and hope we can work smart and get as much done as possible.


I try my best to read every comment. And I love hearing from you all.

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