Feb 28, 2014

Feel Good Friday

Friday is here!

Is it the last day of the week? Or the first day of the weekend?
If you answered, last day of the week, then are probably working today and will begin your weekend at the end of the work day. But if you said, first day of the weekend, then perhaps you are off work today, or retired. But either way I am choosing to say, first day of the weekend. 

That way my weekend gets to have 3 days! Somehow that makes me feel better. That is what life is all about after all. It is all in how we look at it. You know the old adage, half full or half empty. Well half full makes me feel better! So half full it is! 

Now here is a little challenge to you all. Lets all face this weekend with a positive attitude. If something comes your way that tends to be different, then take a moment and stop and see what you can do or say to turn it around. Now I understand that sometimes it is not that simple. But most of the time it is! So lets see if we can make the most from this weekend and take some mental notes of how it affects those around you. Perhaps if I can remember to do this on a regular basis I can make it a habit. 

So how about it will you join me? Let me know what popped up and how you handled it.

Happy weekend!

Wow! I have to revise this a bit. You see I wrote this on thursday to be released on friday. Well coming home on thursday evening found me putting this to the test. 

You see this is what happened!

I was coming around a curve after dark and just as my headlight caught up with the turn right in the middle of the road stood a deer. I could not swerve to miss her, going right I would have hit the guard rail and going left I would not have been able to correct it and would have hit the hill side and ditch. So zip, bang, boom! 

Well the van was drivable and I was only a few miles from home. We were not hurt. The airbags did not deploy. So, accidents happen and it could have been worse. 

So, what kind of a weekend are you having?

Update....................they TOTALED my van!
I really have to be careful what I write about! But on the other hand I do get to go car shopping.


  1. Kim, So happy that you were not hurt. It could have been a different ending to the story. God is good, all the time! Cars can be fixed, people, sometimes not as easy. Have a wonderful day! Stay safe.

  2. I agree - thankful that you are all okay. As for the weekend, it's just starting today. You are right, it's not always easy or simple to see the positive in any trial we face.


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